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Is your budget in place? This means it’s organized, thought out, and you are living by it in all areas of spending. Having your budget in place means that you have full control of your finances and you have money left over each month to set aside for your planned goals. Your planned budget is realistically organized to include all the different details in your life so it is customized and works smoothly for you. By budgeting your money you are able to live a lifestyle that keeps you out of debt because you are actually aware of how much you can afford when making purchases, be it a house, a car, or even your weekly groceries.

Building a budget plan also helps you to have a different attitude towards money and spending it, you are able to be free of the stress that comes with worrying about money. You will rid yourself of the thoughts like is there enough money to pay the bills or where did it all go? You are living in a very disciplined and organized manner. Building a budget plan is like having a safeguard so that you don’t end up getting in over your head with your finances.

Without planning your budget, you may find yourself immersed in consumer debt without any idea of how to get out of it. You may not have an emergency fund set-up and you may find yourself unprepared the next time a recession rolls around. Your spending is out of control because you are not tracking it, therefore, you have no idea what position you are in.

It can be very upsetting when you are not managing your money as sometimes it can begin to feel like the walls are closing in on you. You have no savings, your cheques bounce, you are receiving calls from collection agencies, your credit has been denied and the credit cards you actually have are being declined in purchase attempts. You have mounting past due bills and you don’t know which one to tackle first. Your balance owing on your credit cards is increasing each month and you are taking pay day loans to try and pay some of these bills. Frankly, the numbers just aren’t working out but you aren’t even fully aware of this because you do not know your true cost of living so how are you going to rectify this growing mountain of problems? You find yourself in a shaky financial situation but it’s pointless to try and fix the problem when you are not clear on what the real issue is.

It’s very easy to fall into this trap of debt and sadly, making the mistake of not planning your budget can become quite costly to you as you incur quite a bit of interest which only adds to the endless amounts of money you already are not able to pay. You find yourself at the end of the month with very little left in your bank account yet there are still several bills to pay. That’s why you find yourself usually making only the minimum payments on your credit card balances, adding to the interest each month of carrying the rest of the balance. You are living pay check to pay check yet have unrealistic expectations and often waste your money on frivolous and unnecessary purchases.

Budgeting your money is a very important part of life and it is very possible to live well and stay within your budget. But, in order to accomplish this, you need to track your spending. This may be more difficult than it seems, as every penny has to be tracked so how are you going to be able to track every cup of coffee you buy, or pack of gum or lottery ticket? First of all, you don’t know how to set up your budget even though you know this will be a very helpful tool for you. Secondly, are you even capable of becoming more responsible with your patterns of spending?

With the guidance of a coach you will find that it truly is possible to write a new chapter in your life. Together you can build your customized financial plan to suit your individual wants and needs, you can work on methods to track your spending so that you can achieve your goals. Your coach will help you to commit to your budget as you will be held accountable for every dollar that you spend. But most importantly, by working with a coach to learn how to budget money and save, you will be investing in YOU.

I have created for you my FREE “Your Budget – Personal Session: Create Unbeatable Financial Security While Achieving Optimal Wellness” as a means for you to start achieving your goals.

During this session you will:

  • Be able to define and target what you need to do for a successful budget plan
  • Identify what is your roadblock to a bright and solid future
  • Establish a course of action to get where you need to be
  • Feel a renewed energy about your possibilities of achieving goals
  • Discover that working with a coach can accelerate your journey towards success***$247 value for a limited time only***

You will find that your new budget will be your greatest stress reliever because, the long term benefits of your newfound financial freedom will compensate tenfold for any challenges you may find in sticking to your well planned budget.

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“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.”
~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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