Success is Walking From Failure to Failure

Success is Walking From Failure...

Success is Walking From Failure to Failure With No Loss of Enthusiasm.

~ Winston Churchill

While you travel through life, you will encounter failures… It’s very hard to understand. You’ve been focused and working towards your goals, yet, something goes wrong.

This can be viewed as a valuable lesson in life. With each failure, you are closer on your path to your desired goals. Yet, in reality, when it goes wrong, it’s natural to become very frustrated and you may tend to walk away. This is easy for the short-term…

But if you don’t give up and keep trying, by learning from what you did, and adjust your approach a little each time, eventually you will succeed.

You have to keep at it. You have to go from one disappointment to the next without losing your enthusiasm. Keep your enthusiasm as a constant in your mind. Use this as your driving force and you will constantly move towards achieving the success you desire.

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