About Rosemary Gullo

Rosemary Gullo

My Story

I am a first generation Italian woman living in Canada, raised by a very traditional southern Italian family and grew up with a passion for the “Old World” lifestyle meshed with the modern days of the “Western World”.

My life has consisted of an insatiable hunger for knowledge, leading me to have done extensive research, taken courses, read hundreds of books, listened to countless seminars, attended numerous workshops, worked with mentors, all with the same intention of achieving advancement for myself enabling me to share this with others.

I firmly believe that “Knowledge is Power”, and that we never stop learning, which has prompted me to learn as much as I can, which I believe has played a large role in my successes, be it my professional life and / or my personal / family life. This perception has also helped me deal with the many low points I have experienced in my life, constantly moving me forward through the process of optimistically managing every challenging moment.

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life, in fact my parents were entrepreneurs also. I had been absorbed full time in our family business of importing, manufacturing and distribution of home decor products, which I co-founded with my husband over 35 years ago, while simultaneously raising three children, who have become outstanding, independent and successful adults. Added to my life is the title of Grandmother, which has brought much joy and happiness.

Along with running the business, I am an Internet Marketer since 2004. I have been an active online marketing consultant since 2008 and an offline marketing consultant since 1981. My background includes experience in many areas of the business world including my involvement in network marketing, direct response marketing, real estate investing, mutual funds and stock market investing, and the forex market. I have helped numerous entrepreneurs start their businesses and operate them successfully. I have guided many in the area of money management and financial planning.

I wrote a cookbook titled “Healthy Italian Cooking”, which resulted from my collection of traditional Italian recipes that I had been collecting since I was twelve years old. This is not as easy as it seems. Many “old school” Italian families guard their cooking secrets with their dear lives.

I have walked away from the “Brick and Mortar” business lifestyle, as I needed to explore more of my own personal interests allowing me the time and requirement to fully share with others what comes from my heart. Becoming a Certified Coach and Specialty-Certified New Money Story® Mentor has allowed me to do so.

I have been coaching all my adult years working with several groups and individuals in the area of personal, professional and business development including financial matters. I have made a full commitment to help people in this specific area with my guidance and support to assist them in achieving their desired results. Being a certified Financial Mentor Coach is an ultimate goal of achievement that I will enjoy for many years, paying forward my knowledge, experience and expertise.

My home is in beautiful Woodbridge, Ontario that I share with my husband Greg, whom I have been married with for over 42 years. While we allow each other to delve in our own personal interests, we share many of the same beliefs of paying forward the wonderful lessons we have learned in this beautiful life.


My Coaching Mission

My mission is to help entrepreneurs create unbeatable financial security while achieving optimal wellness through personal, professional and business development.

I will help you along the path of transformation to a successful life or business story, using the ROADMAP® system, which guides a seven step process of change to actively incorporate new dimensions of personal, career, relationship and financial growth.

My coaching program will assist you in finding the financial success you are looking for. I will guide you towards your success once we devise and establish the course you feel is right for you.

“Treat a man as he is, and he will remain how he is; treat a man as he can, and should be, and he will become as he can and should be.”
~ Goethe



Dr. Dave Krueger
“Rosemary Gullo brings Extensive, Successful Business and
Financial Experiences …”


“Rosemary Gullo brings extensive, successful business and financial experiences to the Professional Coaching field.  Her engaging and creative style makes her a most accomplished collaboration partner as both a Coach and Specialty-Certified New Money Story® Mentor. I highly and unequivocally recommend her.”

David Krueger MD
Executive Mentor Coach
CEO, MentorPath®
Houston, TX, USA


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